The racing pigeon has the capability to locate the direction of its loft and the ability to return to its loft, even if it’s dropped far from it. The pigeon fanciers take advantage of these aptitudes in different types of competitions.

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Training pigeons: Sprint race

Racing pigeons are dropped for various distances between 50 and 250 kilometers from their loft.

Some pigeons fanciers are specialized in competition that don’t exhaust too much their racing pigeons. They can recuperate more rapidly. For those sorts of competition, training is very specific, well-organized, meticulous and day-to-day, in order for the racing pigeons, to make a habit of a rapid come back to their loft. If a bird is lacking regularity, it is tried on middle-distance race where it can be better.

Training pigeons: Middle-distance race

Racing pigeons are dropped on distances between 250 and 500 kilometers from their loft.

These competitions require a prolonged effort (4 to 8 hours of continuous fly). Your racing pigeons must, and it’s very important in this case, be rested and healthy before engaging them.

In those competitions, pigeons come back generally, successively in an interval of one or two minutes.

Training pigeons: Long-distance race

Racing pigeons are dropped on distances between 500 and 1000 kilometers from their loft.

It is obvious that their training must be very specific and perfect, for a so long effort. Training pigeons for that kind of races must be very precise. Two days can be necessary to come back to their loft. On a distance of 100 kilometers, a lot of different weather conditions can be met. Sometimes, you must keep a watch on the sky, all the day long, except if you have electronic or infrared detectors on the trapdoor of the pigeons lofts.