Racing pigeon do care about comfort and luxury

A twisted board, an odd wooden panel, glass found among bulky items never prevented a good and well-prepared bird to come back to its racing pigeon loft and the pigeon fancier to feel a great joy and be highly motivated.

No need to torture yourself by visiting or looking on the net, the facilities of a particular pigeon fancier champion. For most of them, they already practice for many years and either them or their father or their grandfather before them for the most part did not have these wonderful facilities initially.

Time passing, we reach this but also with the wins and gradually the desire to own a racing pigeon loft or more convenient facilities for the amateur.

How many fanciers have built brand new and modern racing pigeons lofts and to their great displeasure, saw the performances of their pigeons declining!


training pigeon

Some return even to the old facility to understand what is wrong.

The key is the atmosphere inside the loft, how the birds feel in it and how this affects the health and shape of racing pigeons is important, even crucial!
The rest is to “look good” and practical in terms design, let’s face that.

So, comrade, do not panic! You have the means to succeed if at the very beginning, you already know what would be a good racing pigeon loft.

Training pigeons cost money like any other sport or passion

The pigeon is like any other passion or hobby.

Nothing is free: apart from a good nap!

So to do well with a maximum of pleasure, the key is to know some important things:

1. plan a budget in advance.

2. do not succumb to all “magical” products and treatments.

3. do not think that you need to buy pigeons 370 miles (600 kms) away and pay a fortune to succeed modestly, but succeed!

4. clearly define your objectives in advance and stick to them

5. do not possess more racing pigeons that you can care of perfectly

6. be gradual in your objectives and give yourself a few years to learn well


In fact, there are several way to see the pigeon fancying:


– You have a lot of money and no matter what it costs

– You’re ambitious and sometimes envious of others

– You’re a competitor and you play for the podium

– You’re part of a pigeon fanciers family and you have a lot of support and contacts

– You’re a novice about training pigeons, you do not know anyone

– You’re a novice, but you read everything related to racing pigeons

– You like pigeons, their nature, their behavior

– You want to make you happy, without stressing

– You’re anxious by nature and nothing disturbs you

– You just want to start by learning to feed your pigeons to start

– You think that simplicity is the best way to get there

– You think drugs are the key to everything (not ethical and fair-play)

– You think… you think… you think…


You can of course find yourself concerned by several categories; that goes without saying 🙂


racing pigeons

Everything is possible.

What I want to tell you, to you that is going to get into training pigeons is that you have to be patient and accept to go in stages, despite everything.

Another largely part depends on the quality of your pigeons

Upon your first year, you will start collecting the performance tables that you will enter in a computer spreadsheet.

Not only yours but many others and it then becomes a bit complex to manage in everyday life, believe me!

Must appear pigeons ring numbers on these tables, the number of pigeons the amateur had basketed during competitions, etc.
In a few months, you will already get a very good idea of the real value of the settlements that surround you.

All this will allow you to better target the amateur(s) to choose to contact if you would like to acquire some racing pigeons.
With your tables, you’ll know better choose the pigeon style and lineage you seek.

So, for your own selection and by your local searches (or slightly wider), you’ll be able over time to test your choices and whether your colony benefits from this work qualitatively speaking or if it has not changed much.

You are motivated but a bit frightened? Don’t worry at all, we are here to help you. Go for an exhaustive guide here: TRAINING PIGEONS MADE EASY.