Is the idea of driving a team of racing pigeons realistic and achievable?

The first things to ask yourself before breeding pigeons, training pigeons and leading them to competition are:

Why do I have this idea of pigeons racing in mind?

Whence comes the desire to “play pigeons”?

Is it a passion or caprice?

Am I really motivated for the pigeon fancying sport and racing pigeons? Do I prefer breeding? uh… Am I patient in general or must it fall into my lap immediately?! (Gasp!)

Am I prepared to have to be present to the racing pigeon loft every day?

racing pigeon loft

To take care of my birds that are racing pigeons?

Do I like to be on the ands and knees trying to scratch continually droppings of my pigeons?

Am I patient and above all, do I really like pigeons?
It will take you some time to sit on a stool to train a pigeon to do this or that. (It’s not required, but sometimes it gives good service).

Those with whom I live (parents, friends, spouse or husband, do they agree and are they ready to support me or even share my pigeon passion?

Do I have enough budget to set up and support my colony of pigeons throughout the year?

Do I have the time to maintain the facilities daily and give the racing pigeons preventive and curative care (unfortunately sometimes) needed by flying athletes?

Owning pigeons whether for pleasure, breeding or pigeons racing requires you a great responsibility. Yes, it is a responsibility that you must understand and accept unconditionally.

Sometimes it will be cold outside, at the end of the garden, sometimes icy torrents of rain will fall, sometimes it will be dark, but in any case, you will have to go to the racing pigeon lofts for the medical care, food, check that all is well, that a cat is not locked inside, that the pigeons are OK, that the water is clean and everything you can imagine.

In short, there is no escape. You must first be able to rely on yourself and do not force someone else to finally take care of your pigeons because you have not had the courage to go. I am thinking of your parents, for example, or a good and nice wife but it would not be their thing, having to feed the birds every day. You can live your passion and act accordingly but don’t do it selfishly.

Plan for the future. You think you can take care of the pigeons for several years? Do you have professional or family plans that could occur for example next year and put an end to your desire?

That said, if you have some doubts about your own motivations, it is not important. Nothing will stop you to try with some pigeons housed in a garden shed or even a mini dove outside or in a “temporary” flexible and fenced pen into the outhouse at the end of the garden. As far as habitat meets some criteria of hygiene and ventilation, already you will take great pleasure.

Think about all this already first.

Because it is not about getting everything up and running and to be offered for $2000 of equipment right away just to realize you have not enough courage and motivation.

Because the pigeon reality is there: sometimes getting up early when we could stay in bed, get out when we could stay on the game console in the living room, scratching the floors when you could watch a movie.

But it is also and above all be closer to Nature, to experience something beautiful and touching with our favorite birds, to make inter-generation meetings, to open our horizon to the others, to invest in what we like and why not, to give time for other fanciers, to help or participate in the life of the pigeon association which you are going to join.

training pigeons

Feel free to become closer to fanciers friends and to question near relations about your future ambition and ask them what they need to do every day to have a good idea of reality of breeding pigeons.

If after all this, you are “O.K.”, go to the next phase and discover all you need and make life easier with the complete resources guide about training pigeon here :

breeding pigeons