Training pigeons must have a triple goal:

– Learning experience by compelling the racing pigeon to utilize its innate sense of direction.

– Accustoming the racing pigeons to stay in the basket and to develop a conditioned reflex to come in it rapidly.

– Accustoming the organism of your racing pigeons to produce an intense physical effort, no matter the weather and for several hours.

So, training pigeons require precision, patience, knowledge.

Training pigeons: Old pigeons

Already selected and having made competitions past years, they will be able to reengage competitions. You must begin by let them fly around their loft, it’s the first part of their physical training. When the first short distances are accepted, increase them progressively.

Racing pigeons: the squeakers

The training will begin after a sojourn in a competition basket, with an external drinking trough.
This is done to accustom your racing pigeons to stay in these baskets, and to eat and drink in them.

A precocious pigeon, a very fiery and strong one, can lose itself because its sense of direction is still not very well developed. Be careful. The squeakers born since January will be trained very soon, from april.

The training must be very progressive and to begin, very short in distance and when the weather is good, bright, calm and not hazy. Your racing pigeons will be calm and will own correctly their territories.

The squeakers must be trained only if they are perfectly healthy. If it is not the case, you will risk to lose a lot of your young racing pigeons.

After, drop them from different places and individually. You will minimize their gregarious instinct like this.

Racing pigeons : the «late» squeakers

They are pigeons born during autumn (fall). If it’s possible, they can be trained when the weather is good, as far as 40 or 50 kilometers in December, just like the squeakers born at the beginning of the year. So, they will be able to compete next summer. If the weather is bad during winter, your racing pigeons must be very carefully trained as soon as the weather and their feathers condition authorize training.

Because they lost them very easily, they are very robust and full of energy but their sense of direction has been developed by a consistent training.

Training racing pigeons require many different skills and you can know them only with exhaustive and best quality products like this one below:

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