Racing pigeons – The squeakers

You must begin to train them at the age of three months, when the second feathers of molting grow. Train only racing pigeons that are perfectly healthy!

Some pigeons fanciers opt for repeated and progressive trainings: for example, first, some collective droppings on different distances, more and more important, and, after, individual droppings. Or first, to give another example, training pigeons directly with collective long distance droppings, and just after, individual droppings on the same distance. There are plenty of programs available. It’s always better to follow a precise guide.

But one thing is sure. It’s not the distance that is disordering the squeaker but all the manipulations that it sustains and the fact to be confined in a basket for the first time of its life.

So, it is recommended to place the squeakers in a basket several times, before beginning their training to become competitive racing pigeons. You must let them fly the longer possible, around the loft, in order to develop their muscles correctly.

The sense for direction is innate for the pigeon. Their training must develop this sense.

Racing pigeons – The old pigeons

In general, they already have a good experience of the competition. They should compete without training but some individual droppings, for example for 12 miles, can only improve their performance.

Training pigeons – One remark

In general, training a racing pigeon is better when the weather is good, no matter the season. If the weather changes, when it’s time to drop them, let them go collectively and not individually.

In order to succeed the best way possible, it is essential to choose to learn with the assistance of the most recognized and professional resources here: A to Z practical know-how on racing pigeons.